When do we need to book?

3-4 weeks before you would like to take the Taki Racing Training Programme!!

Booking must be done in advance a minimum 3-4 weeks before the date you would like to start. To book a driving course with Taki Racing you must first check the schedule by email. Then fill in the application form by clicking here where there is also information about payment.

Once we receive the application form and the deposit we will then book you into your course.

If you book late or have already paid for a flight and sleeping arrangements in Thailand without filling in the application form or paying the deposit, then please contact us as we may be able to put you on a course on short notice.

However, to avoid disappointment please follow the correct procedure for booking by checking what days are available for your required course, filling in the application form and paying the deposit.

How fast can the cars go?

The cars are capable of reaching 230 Km per hour.

What should I wear?

You can come along in the same clothes that you would wear any other day because we will supply you with all the safety equipment and clothing needed such as a helmet, face mask, shoes, gloves and a Racing suit.