About us

TAKI RACING is open to anyone over 16 years old with the desire to excel in motorsports. Whether you are a young man or woman who dreams of pursuing a professional racing career, a weekend circuit warrior who wants to shave seconds off lap times and reach the podium, or a busy executive who wishes to combine a vacation with an opportunity to experience the thrill of Formula Taki driving, Taki has the ideal racing technique.

Drawing on the long and successful experience of TAKI CORPORATION in the fields of racing school management, motorsports event organization and professional racing driver management in Europe, Japan and USA. We are now the first and only racing establishment in Southeast Asia, providing professional racing technique.

By combining highly experienced international licensed instructors, a proven world-class know-how, and the highest safety standards, we provide a safe, enjoyable and cost-effective way for thousands of drivers around the world to discover the exciting world of motorsports.

TAKI RACING is designed around a low drivers-to-instructor ratio to ensure that each drivers receives maximum attention and makes rapid and safe progress. Our most fundamental aim is to introduce you to the enjoyment and challenge of motorsports for this reason, even our 1 day program (Super 1day drive) provide drivers with an opportunity to get cockpit time in our racing cars. However, if you take our 2 days(Exclusive Professional Drive) and give us the opportunity to achieve our final objective, we can give you the skill to race competently at the entry level in any kind of racing car.

TAKI RACING is scheduled year round and always under the constant and expert supervision of our instructors. Group and corporate packages can be arranged according to the driver's preferred exclusive dates with a requirement of a minimum of 3 drivers.

TAKI RACING is proud to base its activities in Thailand.

You will accelerate down the same straights and test your skills in the same corners that you may someday challenge as a qualify racing driver. You will sit behind the wheel of the Formula Taki racing car, which is developped by taki racing co.,ltd in Thailand. This fantastic racing machine is a perfect vehicle to begin your exploration of motorsports. In short, whether you want to climb the ladder to the pinnacle of motorsports or simply to experience the unique sensation of a few days exposure to the motor sporting scene, we can make your wish come true.